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Guidelines for Creating an Outstanding eCommerce Web Design

Guidelines for Creating an Outstanding eCommerce Web Design

Nowadays, we do practically everything online, including shopping. As a result, there has never been a better moment to be in the eCommerce industry. Whether you’re selling boots, salad dressing, or anything else, you must have an eCommerce page. An eCommerce website can assist you in developing your brand, engaging with more consumers, and selling more products.

Web design is essential in developing an eCommerce website. A solid eCommerce website design is all about using the proper colors, fonts, photographs, phrases, and graphics to entice visitors to purchase. Your eCommerce website design architecture may captivate new consumers, provide a good user experience, and allow customers to see your shop in the best light possible.

As a result, your website must not only appear great and sound on-brand, but it must also entice your website visitors to act. So, how do you go about doing that? How do you create an eCommerce website where products fly off the virtual shelves?

The following are some of the best eCommerce web design ideas to help you take your shop to the next level:

Keep it free of clutter

Less is more when it comes to developing an eCommerce website. The more items on the page, the more it detracts from the website’s ultimate purpose of completing a transaction. A slew of bells and whistles on your eCommerce website is at best unnecessary; and worse, they can be a distraction. When concentrating on selling, maintain a basic, neat, and easy site that focuses on one thing…conversion.

Branding should be prioritized

When it comes to online shopping, customers prefer to buy from well-known companies rather than anonymous eCommerce website design platforms that appear to be a hoax to steal their credit card information.

If you want to build the trust essential to drive genuine sales for your eCommerce company, you must pay close attention to your branding. Your branding is similar to the DNA of your eCommerce business; it symbolizes who you are as a company, what you stand for, and how you differentiate yourself from rivals, and it is crucial to engaging with your audience and driving sales.

For smaller businesses this can be as simple as having a social media presence where you get some face time with your potential customers. They’ll grow to know you and trust you.

Think of yourself as a website visitor

You must think like your target clients if you want to create an eCommerce website platform that will resonate with them. Prospective purchasers want a few things from an eCommerce experience: an easy-to-use platform that is well-designed and makes the buying process quick, succinct, and painless.

Choosing a Web Design Agency that has experience in developing eCommerce sites is very important. During the design process, put yourself in the shoes of your visitor. What style would make it easier for them to navigate? How do you arrange the things such that the end-user understands them? How can you make the checkout process go more smoothly?

Consider yourself as your consumer, imagining what they want from your eCommerce store, and then work with your design agency to create a site that will match their demands.

Use color to your advantage

Color selection for the eCommerce platform requires more than just mentioning. Color is a really powerful weapon, and if you understand its psychology, you can utilize it to your advantage and generate some major sales.

different colors elicit different ideas, feelings, and actions in individuals; thus, if you want your eCommerce site to convert, you must leverage such color inspirations.

If you want people to buy something, for example, use a bright color like red to draw their attention to the purchasing button. According to color psychology, red inspires feelings of enthusiasm and passion, both of which are motivators for buying, and experiments suggest that having a button red would increase conversions by a staggering 34%.

If you want to improve your reputation, incorporate blue into your site design. Blue is not only a popular hue, but it has also been found to boost confidence, making it a popular option in the business sector. There’s a reason why blue appears in almost half of all logos. Color, according to the argument, is one of the most essential elements in your design toolkit, and when applied appropriately, it may have a major impact on your eCommerce design.

Effective design can take years to master, which is why hiring an experienced designer it paramount to having an effective online presence.

Use high-quality pictures

Photographs increase conversions, which is basic information in the realm of site design. One recent case study, for example, found that putting more relevant graphics into a website design improved conversions by more than 40%. This is especially true in the case of eCommerce.

Nobody will buy anything they haven’t seen. If you want people to buy your products, you need to show them what they’re receiving using high-quality product images.

Using quality images of all your items, as well as shots of your products from various perspectives, can help to inspire respect and trust in your customers. They are more inclined to purchase if they are certain that they understand what they are doing. However, if there are no images of the goods they want to buy or if there is only a single, low-quality image, they will be less likely to buy and your conversions will suffer as a result.

Make sure your eCommerce sites feature a lot of high-quality photos of whatever you’re offering. It would be beneficial to your conversions.

Security and Professionalism

The basis of an eCommerce platform is that you offer your website visitors to purchase items from you. As a result, you’re asking for personal information from them, such as their credit card number. And they would not feel comfortable doing so if the website did not appear professional.

Investing in a high-quality website is critical if you want to generate trust with your customers—and trust is critical if you want your eCommerce store to succeed.

What precisely do we mean when we say “professional”? The website should be free of errors and misspellings. Your typeface, color palette, and footer design should be consistent from page to page. Your product ties and buttons should both function properly. Your photographs should not appear to have been grabbed from an out-of-date iPhone 5, and your general site design should not appear to have been copied from GeoCities in 1997.

According to the reasoning, if you want your clients to take you seriously, you must demonstrate that you take yourself seriously, and the best way to do so is through excellent web design.

Create your eCommerce website right now

Designing an eCommerce website might be challenging, and if you’re up to the task there are many platforms that can help you accomplish your goals. However, we at Rocket Web are aware that most business owners don’t have the time to spend running their business AND their website. Let us help take care of your website so you can take care of business.

6 Proven Ways to Improve Your Website in 2022

6 Proven Ways to Improve Your Website in 2022

Your website is designed to work for you and help you achieve excellent business outcomes. It can, however, work against you. According to recent web design statistics, at least 40% of visitors who visit a business website for the first time use its design to judge the company’s reputation or lack thereof. It was also observed that 62 percent of businesses with mobile-friendly websites made 64 percent more income than those without.

These statistics show that good web design is one of the most significant aspects of business success today. The layout, style, and effectiveness of your website will have a significant impact on the number of new clients you can attract. As a consequence, it is critical to fine-tune your web design in order to convey the correct message about your brand or organization to website visitors. To get you started, here are six pointers:

#1 Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly

It is critical to give website visitors a mobile-optimized experience. Cell phones and tablets were used by around 52.7 percent of internet users in 2020, and this percentage is only going up. This means you won’t be able to risk your website’s mobile responsiveness in order to avoid losing prospective clients. Rocket Web Development advises website owners to utilize mobile responsive themes and templates on their websites to improve mobile user experience and lower mobile user bounce rates.

#2 Reduce the bounce rate

The bounce rate is the rate at which visitors arrive at and leave your website without viewing a second page. A bounce rate of 30% to 40% is deemed acceptable, but anything greater signals that something is wrong and has to be rectified.

There are several strategies that web designer specialists may employ to lower the bounce rate of your web design services platform. It also entails making the information more reader-friendly by increasing the font size, better organizing contents, increasing color contrast, and employing a suitable layout.

On-page optimization is important to reduce load speed and can also assist to minimize the bounce rate because most individuals surfing the web are aware that they have hundreds of alternatives and will not wait any longer than necessary for a web page to load.

#3 Encourage social sharing

Social networking is one of the simplest and most effective ways to drive visitors to your website. The more people who share your website’s content on social media, the more people will see it. This might lead to an increase in income for your company.

You must make it possible for your existing blog readers to share the contents of your website on their social media accounts by placing social media share buttons on your website, so that their friends and other people in their circles may view your content and be motivated to visit your website.

#4 Good Navigation is critical

A website’s navigation is also quite important. A website with poor navigation is equivalent to being lost in a large building with no knowledge of where to turn. You must design your website so that visitors can easily find what they are searching for and also go exactly where you want them to go.

Following accepted conventions in relation to navigation is important so that new visitors to your site will easily be able to navigate your site intuitively. Mobile design presents unique challenges for designing effective navigation. A good Boise Web Developer will know how to make your website as user friendly on mobile as it is on a desktop computer.

#5 Improve SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and every business needs a website that can be easily searched by the various Search engines. You want your website to be found fast, and even better, you want it to be seen before your competitors. If you have the budget we recommend that you hire an Idaho SEO company like Rocket Web Development, however there are many things you can do to ensure that you are optimizing your website for Search Engine Traffic.

When thinking about SEO I like to tell people that it’s best to think of the Search Engine (ie Google, bing, or yahoo) as the service provider, or sales person if you like. The person performing the search is the customer. And, your website is the product. For a single search query a search engine has literally thousands of websites that it can provide as potential answers. Your goal is to get your website to the top of those results. The best way to do that is to provide content that answers the types of questions that your potential customers are asking. So content writing is a large part of SEO. However, page load times and links that point to your site are also very important.

If you have any questions about how to get started with SEO optimization we’d be happy to help! We have many affordable options.

#6 Iterate and assess

Your website should be a living, evolving aspect of your business, not a static artifact. There is always room for improvement. Improving key aspects of your website will assist boost conversions, time on page, and pages per session, but the hardest part is identifying which solution will work best for your website.

A web design agency may wish to evaluate if design adjustments could potentially have a positive effect on the effectiveness of your website. Simple adjustments to button colors, headers, or wording can have a significant impact on conversion rates. All in all, rather than adopting a set-it-and-forget strategy, you may utilize software to construct A/B tests, multivariate testing, or even put up heat maps to observe what customers are doing, rather than taking a set-it-and-forget approach, especially if you don’t know what to alter.

In conclusion

To ensure the success of your website, you must employ excellent web design strategies, particularly those that are user-centered. As you can see, there are several simple things you can do to improve the load time and efficiency of your website. Visitors to your website would have a better experience, boosting their probability of becoming brand loyal.

Rocket Web Development is an Idaho web design and development agency that works with both local and national clients. We recognize that you have a business to run and that maintaining a website may be time-consuming.

We focus on creating websites that perform what they are meant to do – convert! The bottom line is that your web presence must create cash for you, and we are experts at this. To learn more about our services, please contact us immediately.